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  • Cloud Migration Assessment
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    Are you trying to evaluate rehosting or refactoring your IT applications? Marquam will evaluate your system end-to-end, providing you a comprehensive report on software impacts, dependencies, costs, and migration options. 


    Cloud Infrastructure Cost Optimization Assessment
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    Explore cost cutting options with a complete review of your cloud estate in Azure or AWS. Marquam will assess your licensing, orphaned resources, right-sizing, reserved instances, resource scheduling, and more. Through our reporting you will understand best practices to achieve cost savings --- cost savings that you can implement in your next iteration of cloud architecture.

Azure Well-Architected Framework: Cost Optimization

August 24, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Location: Online

Join Marquam for a discussion on Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework where we will deep dive into the topic of Cost Optimization. The Well-Architect Framework is a set of practices to ensure your Azure estate remains reliable, secure, high performance, predictable, and managed.