Nintex Promapp

Nintex Promapp

​​​​​​Process Development Enhanced

​Nintex Promapp is engineered to help your teams own end-to-end process automation. The first step is planning and development, closely followed by collaboration and accountability. With Nintex Promapp your teams can build and improve critical business process workflows, share with relevant stakeholders, and continuously improve management and automation. Business Process Automation shouldn't be complicated. Nintex Promapp turns Visio charts, process maps, and procedure documents into streamlined workflows with intuitive navigation with one-click process editing.

Collaboration is paramount and your teams should be encouraged to engage and provide valuable insights. Real-time reporting is handled with customizable dashboards, process feedback, and change logs. Dashboards also convey process health information and track team engagement. Need to know the status of all workflows? With one glance you'll see all available statuses including: In Process, Awaiting Approval, Published, and Out of Data. See a process that requires your input? Customize approver, stakeholder, and editors lists with easy and then approve with a single click. Nintex Promapp enables process automation, variant management, risk and compliance as well as media and document management.​

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