Azure Governance Services

​​​Cloud Resource Management and Best Practices​

As organizations increase cloud adoption, so too does the need for increased governance and security. Comprehensive governance ensures successful deployment and management of resources that have the flexibility to scale with your growth. The solution is Marquam Azure Governance Services. We help your organization maintain a fiscally efficient environment with best practices that define and implement resource management policies, security, and automation thereof.

While the ease-of-use within Azure is compelling, this can result in resource sprawl without an existing policy and more often, using default settings. Inevitably, this becomes operationally and financially burdensome to your organization. Control and configuration are lost and no longer adhere to defined business objectives. This places increased burden on your IT staff and reduces agility toward a successful Azure adoption strategy.

By utilizing the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Scaffold as a principal for design, Marquam enables your IT department to maintain minimum governance requirements without bogging down critical business operations. Leveraging governance elements such as Azure Groups, Graph, Identity and Access Management​, Blueprints, Policy, Naming Conventions, Auditing and Cost Controls to lay the foundation for success in Azure. With a mature governance program in place, your organization saves money, mitigates risk and helps you achieve your business objectives.​

​​​​​Download the Azure Governance: An Executive View White P​aper​​