Power BI Primer

Marquam Power BI Primer

​​​​​​training for business users

Create beautiful reports and dashboards with easy-to-understand visualiza​tions​ and share them with your organization. This 3-hour, progressive ​Microsoft Power BI​ workshop is intended for people who want to get the most out of their data. We target three types of user interaction including general users, power consumers and power users.​​


This first hour is for all user levels, demonstrating an overview of Microsoft ​Power BI features, components, and benefits.

  • Get data from any source, display on any device – anytime, anywhere
  • Easily create beautiful, vibrant and interactive visual
  • Tour industry samples with Microsoft Power BI Web Service
  • Create customized dashboards with Microsoft Power BI Desktop


​For those who will be consuming and manipulating published dashboards using the Microsoft Power BI Service, this second hour adds demonstrations of how to understand and work with published dashboards, query data, use filters, and schedule updates.
  • Explore and navigate the application and capabilities
  • View and interact with industry sample dashboards
  • Learn how to delve into data with Natural Language QueryQuick Insights, and interactive visualizations
  • Find and explore existing Content Packs and industry examples
  • Make your data work for you in new and exciting ways
  • Share dashboards easily with current information​


For power users who will be creating reports and dashboards from various data sources using Microsoft Power BI Desktop, and then publishing them for consumption by others, the third session adds additional details around ​accessing and modeling data, creating reports, and then publishing dashboards.
  • Import, shape and model data
  • Customize layouts, components and interactivity
  • Build vibrant, colorful reports and dashboards
  • Publish for consumption on any device​

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