Intelligent Applications

​Interactive and Everywhere you need to be.

You don't have time for complex, rigid, or “dumb” software and no one should be limited to working with a certain device, in a certain place, in a certain way. In short, businesses can no longer afford applications that dictate how and where people use them. It's time to unleash the potential of your workforce with a modern approach to your business applications.
Today, even legacy software can be enhanced with natural interfaces like speech or facial recognition. Gone is the need to point and click or hunt and peck - conversations can now get you what you need. Intelligent business applications understand text, chats or even direct voice input in any language you need to speak. When you rely on data to get the job done, there is a world of possibilities and all of them can be put in the palm of your hand.   

Marquam makes this transformation happen…and it may be easier than you think. We take your applications from legacy to legendary status by coupling existing systems with the Microsoft Cloud to drive modern experiences for modern business users. Our​ modular, iterative approach emphasizes time to value so you can focus on delivering innovation rather than life support for old platforms and code. 

Complex and rigid are the legacy of the old computing paradigm. Contact Marquam to break free today.  ​​

Modern Business Applications