Microsoft Azure PaaS

Microsoft Azure PaaS

​​​The Best Tools for Your Apps​

Make sure your apps are built with the most comprehensive toolbox possible. Azure, Microsoft’s platform as a service (PaaS) offering, ensures that your apps are built and serviced with a full suite of tools. Marquam creates​ your apps with the specific look, feel, and functionality you want with access to Azure.

Cloud-based Services Designed for Speed​

Microsoft Azure PaaS gives us the tools to create cloud-based apps of all kinds. With Azure’s integrated solutions, there’s no need to purchase other tools piecemeal or waste time resolving interoperability issues. Get the app you need fast. Slow coding time and compatibility issues can stand between you and your final product. But with Azure, we build, test, manage, and update apps all in one place. Deploy the apps you need quickly, and update efficiently.

Tools That Are Easy to Use and Deploy​

These tools are data-driven, scalable, and easy to deploy. Azure handles the administration and maintenance of them all, allowing us to focus on what they do best. Make sure your apps perform to your specifications. ​We don't have to grapple with maintaining, updating, and troubleshooting dozens of different types of in-house software solutions. Instead, we focus on creating and delivering exactly what you need.

Work with the Cloud with Confidence and Security

Azure runs on a consistent, secure hybrid cloud​. It also detects and mitigates threats through the Azure Security Center​. Microsoft technology is proven, dependable, and consistent. Power, maintain, and secure your apps with assets from a trusted industry leader. With Azure, we can choose from hundreds of ways to secure the functionality and performance you need.

​Download the iRiS Software Azure PaaS Case Study​