Microsoft Azure Data Center

Data Storage + Backup

​​​​​​​​faster performance, less downtime

Marquam’s infrastructure engineering team is adept in helping organizations identify their proper storage needs, designing solutions that will fit those needs as well as providing ongoing support. We have a wide range of solutions that ensure your organization’s data is available and secure.

With the vast amount of information that companies store in today’s business world, it is imperative that your organization has the right solution in place to prevent a disaster. Marquam determines design requirements as well as a growth strategy so that the solution you put in place today evolves with your company. We identify whether a cloud storage or on-premise solution is appropriate and may even suggest a modern hybrid approach.

Our storage solutions practices address the following:​

  • ​High Capacity + High iO
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Redundancy
  • Growth and Expansion
  • Support and Training

Marquam has developed a strong practice and knowledge base with various storage vendors. Our storage history goes back more than a decade and our engineering team is constantly educated on the newest and most proven technologies. All of our project and support engineers have been tested and certified by the manufacturers to ensure that any solution that is sold is correctly designed and supported throughout the life of the product. Through our heavy investment in training and education, Marquam’s storage solutions are second to none.

Cloud-Integrated Complete Data Protection for Physical, Virtual, and SaaS Environments

Successful disaster recovery puts emphasis on recovery by planning expected, unexpected and likely catastrophies. If your experience with backup technologies is still based on tape drives and jukeboxes, it's time to look at the latest in DR technology.

The progressive adoption of virtualization –​ coupled with archival and retention policies, demand comprehensive solutions that accommodate​ a range of rapidly changing requirements. Marquam’s backup solutions are designed to be scalable and manageable. Our solutions are a blend of hardware, software, management applications and cloud services. We customize solutions to fit nearly any budget, regulatory requirement, or storage footprint.​

Part of our Foundation Ready Architecture, Marquam has been providing backup solutions for 25 years. Coupled with Marquam’s managed services and 24×7 help desk, we know how to deliver customer value.​

​​​Download the Microsoft Azure StorSimple White Paper​​