Microsoft Azure Data Center


​​Create a responsive IT environment

Virtualization enables the next generation of datacenters. Instead of running workloads on dedicated servers, run multiple workloads on larger, more powerful servers. Thus, server virtualization technology helps your organization achieve considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies. For many organizations, a highly virtualized datacenter offers​ improved utilization, reduced floor space requirements, and reduced power costs.

Whether you want to virtualize, build a private cloud, scale your services through a public cloud, or mix all three, virtualization and management solutions help you better manage your datacenter today and accelerate your digital evolution.

Service Delivery

Virtualization delivers highly available, high-performing services across your infrastructure. Optimize your datacenter resource utilization through dynamic responses to workload demands, including cross-site business continuity and disaster recovery. Using advanced virtualization and management capabilities to implement business continuity solutions minimizes downtime and improves service reliability.

Standards and Automation

Standardizing and automating your datacenter processes is key to lowering costs and improving service reliability while preparing you for highly automated cloud computing models. At the same time, regulatory pressures drive up compliance costs making automation critical to keep in line with operational budgets. Virtualization enables organizations to improve their operational efficiency and compliance by delivering datacenter automation capabilities and solutions.

IT as a Service

Private cloud solutions provide the benefits of cloud computing through resource pooling, elasticity and self-service. Also offering deep insight into applications, cross-platform support, and the ability to extend workloads between Microsoft private cloud and public cloud environments.


Maximize operational efficiency and increase IT and business agility through virtualization management. Rein in server sprawl as you manage and monitor virtual machines with different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Netware on a single virtualization platform. 

Marquam uses Microsoft Hyper-V as our primary virtualization vendor.​

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