SharePoint Server

​​The Future of Collaboration

For over a decade, customers have relied on SharePoint to power teamwork. It gives users the ability to automate business processes, create business applications, and build company-wide intranets with a single platform. As a core part of Office 365 Enterprise, SharePoint provides content management and collaboration capabilities that are seamlessly integrated with all of the applications you use every day.

SharePoint Server 2016 gives you rapid access to innovative new experiences in Office 365. Unify and integrate Office 365 with your data center through hybrid features, bringing all the most important innovations to you directly in SharePoint, on-premise or in the cloud.


SharePoint adds significant operational value

It’s all about simple and secure content management and collaboration for your teams and your enterprise.

Cloud-inspired infrastructure 

SharePoint Server 2016 represents a new generation of SharePoint that improves performance, reliability, manageability, and scale. Derived from the same code used to deliver SharePoint Online (code that’s been validated over years, by millions of users), it’s the most comprehensively tested version of SharePoint to date. This unified code base also facilitates support and updates across both Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint Server, and enables a standardized set of APIs that span on-premises and the cloud.

Stringent security and compliance

Security is non-negotiable, especially when overexposure to information can have legal and compliance implications. SharePoint Server 2016 provides a broad array of features and capabilities designed to make certain that sensitive information remains protected with investments in data loss prevention, new scenarios to enable data encryption, and compliance tools that span on-premises servers and Office 365 while providing a balance between enabling user self-service and ensuring content usage adheres to corporate policy.

Enhanced user experience

SharePoint Server 2016 brings innovations in user experience from Office 365 to your on-premises farm, with improvements to document libraries and navigation constructs that are consistent with Office 365. These updates have proven successful in driving adoption in Office 365 and will now benefit SharePoint Server 2016. And for hybrid customers, there will be a seamless user experience that spans from the data center to the cloud. It also boasts improved mobile access and touch-based experience in team sites.

If you’re looking to future-proof your infrastructure, SharePoint Server 2016 is the highest quality, and the most scalable, reliable release of SharePoint to date.


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SharePoint Server 2016